‘Future Me’ encourages kids to dream big

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It’s never too early to decide what you want to be when you grow up, and kids Sunday had the opportunity to see what’s it like to do a variety of different professions.

ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum held the first “Future Me” kids career day.

Executive Director Ainsley Brosig says around 15 vendors, everything from police officer, fire fighter to dancer and dentist allowed the kids to put on uniforms, ask questions and experience what it might be like to do that job.

Brosig says she hopes the event will inspire kids to dream big.

Brosig says, “It gives them something to look forward to for their future. I think it’s never too early to have kids start believing in their dreams and giving them ambition to do well in school, and to listen to their parents and to do good work so that they can become something like this when they grow up.”

Traci Teuhope was there to help kids experience what we do at Jet 24 everyday.

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