Future of Corry’s airport up in the air

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There is controversy in Corry over the future of the local airport. Some are worried about a proposal that could close down Corry’s airport for good.

City leaders say they are just taking a look a the problems facing the struggling airport. Others say they have other plans.

Corry city manager Jason Biondi says there is a study on the financial problems with the airport.

“Currently, we are investigating what the cities obligations are related to the airport and what our options are due to past projects with both state and federal funding,” said Jason Biondi, Corry City Manager.

He says the airports financial struggles have become more of an issue the past year.

“They have lost their major income in revenue stream with the STAT Medevac helicopter leaving the airport. Their major funding that they got was through fuel sales through that helicopter,” said Biondi

We caught up with current Corry Mayor David Mitchell and he said that the airport just does not get the business that it used to.

Former Mayor Charles Campbell says the city manager has different plans.

“The city manager continues to say that he wants to work with us. He comes to the meetings and figures out what we are doing, but every indication is that they are trying to close the airport,” Campbell said.

He says for years the city has given the airport stipend money to pay for utilities.

“This year they have given us zero. We have gotten no money for this airport, which means we are going to struggle paying our utility bills,” Campbell said.

There will be a public meeting at the airport in Corry on March 11th.

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