A local university is celebrating their students by showcasing their scholarly and creative work.

Gannon University kicked off their Celebrate Gannon event on April 22 to highlight the world of students from the Erie and Ruskin, Florida campuses.

The event recognizes and celebrates the culmination of a year’s worth of scholarship, research, engagement, and fine art collaborations of students, faculty and staff.

Celebrate Gannon also highlighted the Gannon mission by allowing students to take their knowledge from inside the classroom and apply it to the outside community to help others.

Organizers shared how the event will continue to benefit students beyond graduation.

“One of the wonderful things we have is the online document that can be put in their dossiers of their curriculum vitaes that they can use in the future and have some permanent reminder of the work that they have done,” said Christine Saber, Associate Professor at Gannon University.

The event also trained students in professional presentations and prepares them if they are required within their careers.