Gannon University students are heading to The Big Game to put their skills to the test and take advantage of networking opportunities.

A professor in sports management marketing says the trip is a hospitality and event management trip where students will work at the NFL experience leading up to The Big Game on Sunday and will work at parties with the NFL on location.

One Gannon student says the trip will give herself and others the chance to have a real-life experience as to how major sporting events operate.

“Things that we’re learning in class and how the economics and operations of game day and all that different types of aspects of sports, the things that we’re learning in class directly relate to it in a sense that we get to experience it hands-on. So I definitely think that it ties together with the sports business program,” said Lynsey Habig, Gannon University student.

The students are set to leave Gannon’s campus this Thursday and make their way to Arizona.