Gannon University’s Go College Program visits with EHS students

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Hundreds of Erie High School students spend the morning exploring their post-secondary education options right from their own gym.

EHS, in partnership with Gannon University’s Go College Program, hosted their first annual college fair.  Go College is a program that helps students navigate the college-going process.  More than three dozen colleges, technical schools, and college organizations from across the tri-state area filled the Erie High School gymnasium.

Barb Priestap, Director of the Go College Program, says, “Have access to the fact that there are all of these different college choices that offer all of these unique programs and they get to talk to the admissions councelors and find out what would be perfect for them.”

Eileen Olsen, Program Supervisor of Trio, says, “Once they start talking to people, it… clicks with them. Or, maybe they’ll say something to them about a career or major they might have. And they’ll go, ‘you know what? I want to go there!'”

The college fair was open to more than 500 juniors and seniors from Erie High School.

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