Gannon welcomes students to Hackathon Cybersecurity Competition

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Gannon University welcomes high school students from across the nation to participate in the on-campus portion of it’s Hackathon Cybersecurity Competition.

The competition was held at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday February 16th over at the Center for Advanced Engineering on W. 8th St.

Gannon welcomed students to participate in one of two virtual Hackathon competitions that were completed online in November.

Students applied their web-based knowledge of hacking skills to build a website and navigate a series of challenges.

The challenges included gaining access to administrative passwords, ordering items without proper payment and manipulating stock and payroll information.

That online portion served as a gateway for the top students to complete the virtual events to be invited to the on-campus Hackathon to compete for the top prize of one full-tuition scholarship.

All seniors who were invited to the on-campus Hackathon and chose to participate in the competition had their Admissions Merit Award increased by $1,500.

During lunch, keynote speaker David Peck, owner and CEO of David J. Peck and Associates Inc., spoke to students. David J. Peck and Associates Inc. is a firm that specializes in cybersecurity as well as responsive and investigative services.

Following the competition, scores will be gathered and assessed with the winner being announced the following week.

“Gannon faculty and students capitalized on existing university resources and expertise to build the software that has enabled the Hackathon,” said Walter Iwanenko, Ph.D., Vice President of Academic Affairs at Gannon.

Iwanenko also said the Hackathon they developed focuses on teaching the importance of safe and secure website design.

This innovative event is designed to boost cybersecurity education and awareness within the communities while allowing students to engage with Gannon’s two newly launched programs, cybersecurity and cyber engineering.

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