The closure of Raccoon Refuse continues to impact communities months after bankruptcy as some Union City residents have questions about the borough’s current garbage disposal contract with tri-county.

This involves steep price increases and limitations on pickups. Residents are to pay $118 every three months for one can of garbage pickup, while neighboring areas, like Albion, pay $285 every year.

The mayor of Union City explained what led to this moment.

“It happened that the Borough of Albion had gone out for bid in March for a new contract that was to start January 1 of this year. Because that bid went into place before there was a shortage, they had a different rate and a different offering. Unfortunately, we were on the wrong side of the supply and demand curve and were not able to get that same bid,” said Union City Mayor Natalie Wilmoth.

The mayor added that other local municipalities, besides Albion, are paying comparable rates.