Gas prices on the rise as Memorial Day approaches

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If you’ve bought gas lately in the Erie area, you’ve probably seen that gas is around $3.09 a gallon for regular. 

“I think in PA, it’s got to do with taxes, I think,” said Pittsburgh resident, Brandon Kepics. Kepics travels regularly from work and  like so many, he noticed a difference in gas prices from Pennsylvania to Ohio. We drove to Conneaut, Ohio to see the difference in gas prices from PA to Ohio and as of right now it’s a 40 cent difference at some gas stations. 

“You save the pennies in the long run and then you have some for the traveling,” said North Springfield resident, Nina Kuvshinikov. Kuvshinikov lives in North Springfield and drives over the Ohio border to catch a break in gas prices. “For me, I drive into Erie everyday, so it’s like a 20-mile drive, so if I come over here that’s another two days I drive without paying for it,” said Kuvshinikov. Kuvshinikov isn’t the only taking advantage of the Ohio gas prices. “When we’re in this neighborhood, we make sure that we stop here and get some gas, cause today it’s 40 cents cheaper,” said PA resident, Mike Cowger. Chloie Johnson noticed difference gas prices in three states as she and her friends make their way from Massachusetts to Ohio for Memorial Day. “It was $2.89 to fill up in Massachusetts and then we filled up in New York, upstate New York and it was 3.15 and here it’s the cheapest we’ve seen, it’s $2.79,” said Johnson. Johnson says despite the various gas prices, she is still excited for the holiday weekend. 

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