Monday March 5, 2018 – GE Transportation has released a white paper report that looks at three areas of the future of rail service. The company say it’s good news for our local plant.  

The GE Transportation white paper focuses on the the areas of integration, automation, hybridization and domestic demand.
     The company concludes that future trends will have more uses for computer analytics and a willingness to integrate other means of transportation, like roadways and waterways.  
    It also pinpoints areas where new research and development are needed and some of that work could be done in Erie.
    The company believes it can keep up with and stay on top of these trends, as teams constantly look at new trends and changing product line. 
    As a design and development center, the Lawrence Park plant has over 500 engineers working on the next generation of products.

 “We are looking at things such as hybrid locomotives, looking at new trends such as digital tools that allow us to diagnosis locomotives on the rail better. A lot of these technologies that we are looking at, a lot of them begin right here in Erie Pennsylvania, ” says Alan Hamilton General Manager of Systems Engineering at GE Transportation.