As the summer season starts to get underway, pool supplies stores are gearing up for business.

Over the past several years, some pool supplies — chemicals in particular — have been difficult to come by. Not only was the supply limited, but prices soared as well.

Michele Ericson, the manager of Colley’s Pools and Spas, said customers can depend on things to be in stock this year, but the prices haven’t changed much since last year.

“You had COVID start, where you couldn’t get the supplies. Then shortly after in the fall of 2020, there was a major chemical plant that caught fire so that threw two monkey wrenches into it. I have not seen the prices go down on the chlorine yet, but there is adequate supply,” said Ericson.

She added that people shouldn’t have any issues getting their hands on liners, filters, chemicals or even complete pool packages.

As you need it, you can get it.