After responding to a call about an injured dog, that later turned into a story of abuse, one police officer in Girard Borough is adding a new addition to his family.

Nick Spurgeon of the Girard Borough Police says there was an instant connection between him and the pit bull mix he rescued when responding to a call, adding he’s excited to get his new four legged friend back home.

“She absolutely is a sweetheart and she acts as such. I decided that I didn’t want her to go to another house where she could potentially have an unloving family, so I’d like to do that myself.” Spurgeon said.

It was an unusually way to cross paths. Officer Nick Spurgeon responding to a call about a possible dog injured by a car. However, it turned out that this pit bull mix was tortured by 23-year old Katherine Thompson and 22-year old Dylon Curtis have since been charged.

“It’s kind of heartbreaking to me that somebody would do that to an animal. I treat animals like children, so I see somebody doing that to their own child.” Spurgeon said.

Witnesses told Girard Police Department that they’ve witnessed Curtis throwing the dog on the ground before. The dog was take to a Pittsburgh Animal Hospital where she was treated for a broken shoulder.

“It’s pretty delicate because now she has screws and a plate,” said Emily Danskin, a foster parent at the ANNA Shelter. “We’ll just have to make sure it heals and those don’t break or sheer off.”

Spurgeon says at first he wasn’t sure if he had the room to adopt her, but decided to go ahead with his plan. Spurgeon also wanted to give his dog, Louie, a sister.

He says that he and his girlfriend have already picked out a name for the pit bull mix and her name will be Luna. The couple stopped by the station, meeting up with Luna for the first time since rescuing her.

Thompson and Curtis have been charged with felony counts of torture, animal cruelty and other related charges. Both are currently in the Erie County Prison.

Danskin says Luna could be with her family in two to four weeks, pending her recovery.