Special needs students at one local high school are going to prom in style Friday night. 

Several local business owners have stepped up to help it be a night students never forget.

A night of fun has been planned out for special needs Girard High School students going to prom after a parent posted on social media and business owners stepped up to the challenge.

“It’s going to be just an extra special day that they will never forget. The kids are excited and everybody who contributed, I think they’re more excited than I am. It’s amazing how this community has come together so well for these kids,” said Stephanie Shreve, parent.

The night starts with dinner at The Barracks restaurant and with a donation from Rupp Limousine. The students will ride from there to Lake Erie Community Park to have their pictures taken by professionals, with flowers coming from Silver Thornes.

“We live in such a great community that I knew that she’d have no problem getting the donations that she needed, and I knew as soon as I saw it that we had to be part of it. I hope it’s annual and I hope that we can be part of this every year,” said Amanda Adams, owner of The Barracks.

Shreve and her son said they appreciate the community support.

“These kiddos are the ones that don’t get invited to sleepovers, they don’t really go out and ride bikes with their friends, so this is like an opportunity for them to have prom be such a major event,” Stephanie Shreve went on to say.

“I actually think that it’s really great that these businesses are willing to help,” said Jack Shreve, a Girard High School Student. “I am very grateful that people are out there to help kids like me.”