People now have a chance to have a piece of Girard history that dates back to the 1860’s.

The wooden Gudgeonville covered bridge over Elk Creek is no longer there, but the Girard Township leaders did not want it’s memory forgotten.

The Gudgeonville bridge was built in 1868 and has a long history that includes mysteries and even urban legends.

Back in 2008, the Gudgeonville bridge was burned down by arsonists. The township salvaged what they could with good intentions.

One idea was to create a small replica.

Recently Girard Township Supervisor Clay Brocious posted on Facebook that people could pick up a piece of the bridge for themselves.

Brocious said that the response has been so good that the lot was full on Wednesday, but now it has been reduced to this small pile of wood.

Brocious thought that maybe 15 to 20 people would want a piece of the wood.

“And the final count was I think 163. The response was phenomenal, overwhelming and it just goes to show how important this bridge was to a lot of people around here,” said Clay Brocious, Girard Township.

Brocious said that those people have unique ways of putting the wood to good use.

“We have a lot of crafty people out here in Girard and I have heard quite a few ideas. Anything from setting it in their flower garden to putting it in a shadow box to take it somewhere and having a picture of the bridge etched into the wood,” said Brocious.

Lisa Treusch and her husband have lived by the bridge for 20 years and raised their kids there too. They picked up some wood for themselves.

“I am thrilled that the township had the foresight to save it and to really just give it away. It just means a lot that we can keep it and pass it on to the kids,” said Lisa Treusch, Girard Resident.

Brocious said that people can pick up a piece by appointment. They will be giving them away for free until there are no pieces left.