Going on a ‘hunt’ with a metal detector

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It’s a hobby that’s growing every year. More and more people are getting metal detectors and hoping to find treasures.

Metal detectors are growing in popularity. David Belmondo went to A to Z Treasures, where Brian Aleksandrowicz has a fine display of metal detectors.

From the ones for beginners, to ones for more experienced users, he has them all. For the beginner, expect to spend $150 or so, and more for the better models. Those models can help separate the good stuff from the junk.

“But the more serious you get, a little more elaborate machine.; it’s more sensitive, it will go deeper, better separation. I can be in a place where you might have multiple targets within inches of each other, and the machine has the capability of separating those targets,” said Brian Aleksandrowicz, A to Z Treasures.

David Belmondo and Brian Aleksandrowicz went to a yard off Tannery Road. With the owners permission they started ‘hunting.’ Brian said you need to be able to separate the good stuff from the junk, and the model he’s using does just that.

The machine gave out a high pitch, meaning he was on to something. A dig from around the area turned up a casing from a bullet, could have been from deer hunters years ago, you just never know. Brian said he does it for fun.

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