This week’s Golden Apple award-winning teacher said she’s dreamed about being a teacher since elementary school.

Her dream came true, and now she’s inspiring other little people to follow theirs. Brenda Gluvna teaches kindergarten at McKean Elementary School and said doing this was a childhood dream.

“Ever since I knew teaching was a job, so elementary school, I always wanted to be a teacher. During second grade, during independent reading, I used to hold my book and pretend I was reading to class even though I was supposed to be reading to myself. Yeah, it was just always what I wanted to do,“ said Brenda Gluvna, Golden Apple award winner

In this class, these young people learn how to go from a life of playing to learning. Here they develop the skills to read and spell.

Nellie Grabski, this week’s student nominator, said she learned so much from Ms. Gluvna.

“I didn’t know anything, well I mean I didn’t know a lot, and then she came into my life and now I know a lot,” said Nellie Grabski, student nominator.

Teaching now for six years, Gluvna is often reminded why she loves her work.

“Seeing their excitement when they read their first word, even if it’s a word like cat. As soon as they say those sounds and blend that word, I am reminded every year, why I am doing what I’m doing. I feel very blessed to come into this classroom every day,” said Gluvna.

“School should be a place where we learn new things, meet new friends, learn that mistakes are okay, and hopefully, these children will have more Mrs. Gluvnas in their lives as they go through their school years,” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin, PennWest University.