Good Kid 04/02/2018 – Jacob Moyer

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After a teacher at his school suffered an unimaginable tragedy, a local teen reached out to offer his support.  

Ms. Theresa Goldsmith is heartbroken after losing her son to suicide.  As she tried to cope with this tragedy, a student at her school paid her a visit, just to check in.  

Jacob says it was because he was “really worried about her…  I didn’t see her around as much”. 

Goldsmith tells us, “It was just out of the blue about a week afterwards…  It was touching; it touched my heart”.

Jacob didn’t think twice, he just wanted to do something, anything, to lift her spirits. He says, “I believe it’s something God would want me to do…  He would want me to do that”.

Jacob continued to keep an eye on her; taking her dinner, shoveling sidewalks, delivering valentines…  For Ms. Goldsmith, these small acts made a big impact.  “I tell my students it’s not all about me, it’s about what we can do for those around us.”  A lesson Jacob clearly takes to heart.

Joe Askins of Auto Express Kia says, “I think Jacob is a great kid. It means a lot to have kids like Jacob in our community”.

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