Good Kid 05/28/2018 – Lexi Conti-Windle

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The first day of school can be overwhelming for any student, but imagine coming from another country and speaking another language.  That was the tough reality for one local girl.  However, our Good Kid of the Week was there to help her every step of the way.

These two young ladies are nearly inseparable.  

Lexi Conti-Windle, 10-years-old, says, “I feel like we have one of the best friendships I’ve had in my entire lifetime”.

You see, 10-year-old Hillary is a new student at Iroquois Elementary this year, after moving here from the Philippines.  The principal asked Lexi if she’d help her navigate the first day of school.  She immediately researched her native country and began learning common phrases in each of the many languages often spoken there.

Lexi says, “I thought, ‘it must be scary to come from across the world to a new place and not know language or anybody.  It must be nervewracking.’ So, I wanted her to feel comfortable and not scared of anything”.

And, Hillary is forever grateful.  “Because she teach me to learn English”.

When you walk through the doors of Iroquois Elementary, their motto is, ‘#OneFamily’.  Lexi has opened her heart and truly exemplified that.

Lexi is kind, compassionate, and accepting of others.  And, she says she loves that her school embraces the idea of one family, “it makes me feel amazing that we all have so much love together”.

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