Good Kid 09/10/2018 – Tristan Nelson

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This week’s Good Kid has a soft spot for his family, especially his mother; spending his summer helping her out around the house and with their pets after she had surgery. 

“She is the best,” 7-year-old Tristan Nelson says about his mom.  And, there’s nothing he won’t do to help her out.

Mom, Julie Palochak, tells us she recently had abdominal surgery “which was very painful coming home… and he was a huge help to me.”

The recovery process is months long and until Julie’s healed, she’s unable to bend down, making household chores, caring for pets and kids, and everyday life a bit challenging.  But, with Tristan by her side, everything gets done. 

“Yeah, I helped her out a lot with all kinds of stuff.”

Julie tells us, “He would be the first to spring up and get me some water if I needed it. “

Tristan also helps out with his little sister and the family’s seven animals; two cats, two dogs, two guinea pigs, and a fish. 

Julie says, “He’s very thoughtful; he likes to help others, he’s very compassionate towards animals and other people.”

The highlight of Tristan’s summer was meeting a local police officer.  One day, that’s what he aspires to become so that he can help more people.   He tells us, “I actually got to talk with one .. and… he showed me his real handcuffs!”

Julie says, “I’m most proud of him just because he’s very sweet and he likes to make friends he’s very kind.”

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