Good Kid 10/16/2017 – Victoria Sanders

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A local teen is going the distance to help those less fortunate than her.  Traci Teudhope introduces us to our Good Kid of the Week.  

Working at an orphanage in Haiti was a life-changing experience for Villa Maria Senior Victoria Sanders. When she told her mom about it, it was a proud, yet scary, moment.  Danielle, her mother, tells us, “it’s definitely a very real risk when they go there and they can’t do a lot of traveling outside of the orphanage. It was made very clear it would not be safe”.

But, Victoria and some classmates traveled there a couple of times now, despite the risks, and she says she’s better for it.  “I like to do stuff that is hands-on so I can see right away the impact I’m making on people.”  It was a chance to really make a difference.  “And while we were there, we tutored kids in school because there are about 150 kids to 2 teachers so they really don’t have a great education system.”

It was eye-opening for Victoria and her friends.  “All the material objects we deem so important are really not because the kids I met there are honestly the happiest people I know and they have nothing…  it’s just one of those things you have to experience and I think everyone should experience it.”

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