Good Kid 12/04/2017 – Christina Snyder

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Cancer is devastating, especially when it affects kids, but one local girl is doing what she can to help kids with cancer cope with challenges that come with the disease.

Christina Snyder has endured her fair share of challenges in life, but when she sees others struggle, it tears at her heart.  Christina’s Grandmother, Michelle Snyder, says, “Christina’s a sweetheart.  She has a kind heart, she loves making people happy, she loves hugging people… She just doesn’t like to see anybody sad”.

Christina has witnessed family friends struggle with the disease and at just 10 years old, she’s determined to do what’s in her power to make it just a little easier for kids dealing with the life-threatening disease.  “I gave hair to kids who have cancer because it made me sad about my Grandpa’s sister dying”.  Christina donated 8.5 inches off of her hair to donate to Pantene, who makes wigs for cancer patients.

And, she hopes that spreads a smile or two, if even just for a moment “because if they’re feeling sad, I feel it’s important to make them happy”.

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