Goodell Garden & Homestead holds their grand reopening

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Can you smell the flowers? Goodell Garden & Homestead held their grand reopening this weekend while showcasing beautiful flowers.

Something is sweet in the air. That scent is flowers which people who went on the tours today at Goodell Gardens enjoyed.

Goodell Gardens & Homestead is now open with flowers ready for the season, bringing a breath of fresh air.

To welcome the grand reopening, people can go through tours and enjoy walks around the property.

“I was on the tour yesterday and he talked about our doplets, some of our native wildflowers, and does go through most of the gardens. It does take about 45 minutes then afterwards folks are able to go for a slower walk to kind of enjoy things a little bit more depth,” said Amber Wellington, Executive Director of Goodell Gardens & Homestead.

The Goodell Garden & Homestead was not able to have any events last year because of the pandemic.

“We lost $50,000 in revenue not being able to have events between rentals and our own festivals and other public programs like that,” said Wellington.

This year has a lot of sweet smelling flowers because there will be events scheduled.

“We also will be home to some movies under the stars with Edinboro University and Edinboro Borough and we also rent the site for some private events and we are able to that again this year,” said Wellington.

“This is a place of peace and a place of rest, but a place to come and just reflect,” said Marian Beckman, President of the Board of Directors for Goodell Gardens & Homestead.

Bring some peace into your day by taking a breath of fresh air at Goodell Gardens and experience the quality of nature.

“You feel that interconnection when you are able to just enjoy the trees or look up at the clouds or just the flowers that are blooming,” said Beckman.

Wellington also said that they enforce CDC guidelines and feel prepared to welcome people back.

The Goodell Gardens also have a preschool education class here in July and that will be announced later in the season.

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