Goodwill free book giveaway taking place Dec. 19

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With COVID-19, staying at home and inside can make you feel a little stir-crazy, but Goodwill wants to make staying at home a little less of a burden for you and your family.

Yoselin Person was live outside of Goodwill to tell us what they have to offer.     

Goodwill wants to give books to children as many of them are lacking normal socialization during the pandemic.

With children unable to spend time with their friends or go to school to utilize the library, parents are scrambling to find activities at home.

That’s why Goodwill is giving away five books with any purchase. It can be a small or big purchase; you will still receive the five free books.

The Director of Retail Development of Goodwill says the organization depends on retail stores in order to give back to the community.

“Parents have their kids at home all the time, so what better way to keep them busy and have some books at home to read and do activities,” said Joe Cancilla, director retail development, Goodwill.

“I think it’s awesome, because with all COVID-19 we really can’t go places and with books; I mean it’s something to do,” said Javontae Hampton, student.

The book giveaway is happening this Saturday Dec. 19 at all Goodwill locations.

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