GOP call for poll watchers denied

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ERIE, Pa. — Concerns about a fair election are prompting calls for more poll watchers as we head into the weekend before Election Day.

Poll watching laws in the Pennsylvania will remain the same — for now. The news comes after a federal judge denied the Pennsylvania Republican Party’s request for changes.

The current law mandates that poll watchers can only monitor locations within their registered county, but the GOP calls that unconstitutional, arguing that poll watchers should be able to watch any precinct in the state.

After the Republican Party filed a federal lawsuit just two weeks before the election, U.S. District Judge Gerald Pappert said yesterday that no changes will be made between now and Nov. 8.

Locally, Erie County Clerk Doug Smith said he’s aware of people’s concerns.

“I understand that some people are concerned, and they want to have some part in that,” Smith said. “But my advice to them, I guess, is volunteer to be a poll watcher for your party.”

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