GOP lawmakers look to two courts for stay of Congressional Map

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Pennsylvania’s GOP legislators have made a request for an emergency stay of the newly drawn congressional maps.  

On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court rejected the request for an emergency stay by House Speaker Mike Turzai and Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati.  Those legislators also making a request to the US Supreme Court in hopes that the highest court in the land will rule in their favor.  

The lawmakers are basing their argument on what they claim was a bypassing of the legislature by the State Supreme Court in their ruling on the gerrymandering case.  That’s according to court documents.  There has been no ruling by the US Supreme Court as of yet.  

Tuesday was the first day for candidates for US Congress in Pennsylvania to circulate petitions for their nomination.

With this new map and pending decision by the US Supreme Court, there is a lot of uncertainty in the weeks leading up to the primary.  It’s something we’ll be watching very closely.

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