Businesses usually don’t mix a one year anniversary with a grand opening. However, that is exactly what happened in Millcreek on Friday.

This event was actually called a grand reopening for Gordon’s Butcher and Market, Firestone’s Restaurant and Paris’ Cap and Cork.

The event also provided a chance to show off a project that doubled the dining area at Firestone’s.

The business first opened their location on Peach Street in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We didn’t het to have a grand opening. There was restrictions. So we didn’t get to have all that much fun. We did a big expansion into Firestone’s. This is a good way to christen that. It’s a grand reopening and a one year birthday,” said Kyle Bohrer, Owner of Gordon’s Butcher & Market.

Gordon’s has also recently opened a second location in the Flagship City Food Hall.