Governor Wolf joins victims of Tree of Life synagogue shooting to talk gun legislation

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Lawmakers are back at the capitol and now, there are renewed calls for them to pass gun legislation here in Pennsylvania.

Last year, Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill into law, making it harder for those convicted of domestic violence to have a gun.  But now, he’s calling on lawmakers to pass more gun legislation in Pennsylvania.

Last October, 11 people were killed and seven others injured when a gunman opened fire at the ‘Tree of Life’ synagogue in Pittsburgh.

One of those injured was Jo Schlesinger’s ex-husband. “My two sons nearly lost their father. And after five weeks in the ICU trauma unit, continues a long, long rehabilitation.”

On Tuesday, Jo joined other survivors, advocates, and the governor in calling for more gun laws in Pennsylvania.

Wolf says, “There is a majority of legislators that believe that we can enact limits on guns. If we argue that crime will go down, victims will be protected, and law-abiding citizens will have nothing to worry about…”

The laws Governor Wolf is calling for include universal background checks.  Right now in Pennsylvania, long guns, like the AR-15, can be purchased without a background check, as long as you buy it from a private seller.

Wolf says, “We simply cannot accept this kind of violence as a normal part of everyday American life.”

Those at Tuesday’s rally also want lawmakers to take a serious look at banning high-capacity magazines and military style weapons; laws they say could help prevent another shooting like the one at Tree of Life.

Schlesinger says, “I want to be proud of all our legislators, all across our state, who will stand up and do the right thing. Thank you.”

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