Graduates’ effect on local businesses

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As thousands of local college students graduate more than just their new degrees go with them.

It is a happy time for students and parents but what happens to local business when these consistent customers graduate?

The shops we spoke with don’t close when students leave, but one business does shift gears slightly, concentrating on a new demographic of customers.

Gannon students keep Hungry Howie’s on west 12th busy year round. When the semester ends Howie’s says their 70-80 deliveries a day drops down to about 50.

At Jimmy Johns Sub Shop on State and North Park Row graduation means their Golden Knight customers decline but, they say students aren’t their main business.

Here’s how many students will be leaving town. Gannon has their largest class ever at 925 graduates. Mercyhurst Erie and North East together have 963 graduates. Penn State Behrend has 572. Edinboro has 779 graduates. All together, more than 3800 students are graduating from the erie area in the coming days and weeks.

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