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Air travelers will soon be able to take off to a new location from the Erie International Airport.

The Erie Regional Airport Authority announced today the addition of a direct flight to the Washington Dulles Airport.

“It gives our regional passengers an opportunity to connect to Washington, as well as, going up and down the East Coast if they want to go to Boston, Miami, or any city, as well as, if they want to go to Europe. It gives more travel options to people out of the community,” said Derek Martin, Executive Director, Erie Regional Airport Authority.

This comes after the airport was awarded a Small Community Air Service Grant for nearly $300,000.

“It’s a great economic opportunity and it’s another one of those building blocks that people say ‘I’m going to relocate, I’m going to have a business where I have access to the outside world.’ We were able to do that, so check the box on that. It makes a great opportunity for people to come to Erie,” said Representative Mike Kelly, (R), 16th Congressional District.

Flights out of the Erie International Airport in January jumped 12% in 2019. The hope is that the trend continues with daily flights added to the list.

“We are starting negotiations and timing with United on aircraft availability, as well as, pilots. Hopefully nine to 12 months from now the service will start,” said Martin?

In addition to the announcement, one local state Representative explained that he is working to see how the Commonwealth can help the airport grow.

“The policy committee and I are going to come here and talk to the stockholders in the community and other interest groups that are here and help invest more people coming into the region and see what we can do from the states prospective to help this airport grow and thrive,” said Representative Ryan Bizzarro, (D), 3rd Legislative District.

That group is scheduled to make way in Erie at the end of March. Right now, direct flights out of Erie go to Charlotte, Detroit and Chicago.

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