Grazioli called ex-wife after shooting his current wife, Amanda

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We are learning more about the Millcreek man arrested after reportedly confessing to the murder of his wife.  According to the affidavit of probable cause, the suspect, John Grazioli, left a note saying he planned to kill himself after he shot his wife.

According to a note found next to the body of 31-year-old murder victim Amanda Grazioli, her husband, John Grazioli, had not planned to be alive after his wife’s body was found.  Around 2:45 Thursday afternoon, Millcreek Police received a call about a man who just shot his wife. 

An affidavit of probable cause reveals:  

Erica Grazioli, the ex-wife of John Grazioli, told Millcreek police dispatch that her ex-husband called her from his cell phone and just told her that he had killed his current wife, Amanda.  He stated that she was home in bed. 

Millcreek Police converged on the home and forced their way inside where they discovered the body of Amanda Grazioli dead in bed with a gunshot wound to the back of her head. 

A handwritten note was found next to the body that read, “I killed Amanda Schmitt Grazioli – next of kin Denise Katz.  I killed myself I am profoundly sorry.”  The note was signed, “Sorry for all of this, John Grazioli”.  

But, Grazioli did not kill himself, instead, driving to Saint Peter Cathedral where he met with a priest and admitted to killing his wife.  He gave himself up without incident.

During an interview with police, Grazioli stated he owned a handgun.  He kept the handgun with a loaded magazine inside the master bedroom closet and he purchased the handgun approximately one month ago.  He also stated that Amanda had no knowledge of the purchase of the firearm.  

The gun was found inside his coat at Saint Peter Cathedral.  Authorities confirmed he did not have a concealed carry permit for the weapon.  

The 44-year-old murder suspect confessed to Millcreek Police in a videotaped statement that he was responsible for his wife’s death.  He was arraigned and sent to the Erie County Prison where he’s being held without bond.  

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