Greg Hayes gets removed from the April ballot

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Today a judge ruled that Republican Greg Hayes nominating petitions were invalid for the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives in the third district, ultimately kicking him off.

A judge ruled to remove Hayes from the April 28th Pennsylvania primary.

According to sources, lines were invalid, the court saying the petitions reflected forgery and fraud.

The April primary looked to have two candidates running for State Representative of the 3rd Legislative District, incumbent member Democrat Ryan Bizzarro and political newcomers Greg Hayes.

However Philadelphia judge Anne Covery ruled to remove Hayes from the April 28th Pennsylvania Primary.

This coming after the court ruled Hayes did not meet the 300 signatures required to make the ballot.

Bizzarro says lines were invalid, adding the petitions reflected forgery and fraud.

“The people we serve must trust that their public officials are ethical and being held to a high standard. By failing to legally obtain the minimum of 300 signatures needed, Hayes showed that he does not deserve our communities trust,” said Ryan Bizzarro, (D) State Representative.

Hayes said he did not know of any forgery on his petitions and he is still planning on running for State Representative.

“I just spoke with the campaign committee, we’re looking into what the options are at this point. We’re not done and out by any means. We’re looking into it and do everything the right way,” said Greg Hayes, Republican.

Erie County Clerk of Elections Doug Smith said it’s not uncommon to see candidates kicked off ballots.

“It’s not uncommon. It’s part of the process. This is challenging and makes sure that the persons who do not run for office have some basic amount of support,” said Doug Smith, Erie County Clerk of Elections.

Now Hayes can still run as a “write in candidate” needing a minimum amount of 300 signatures.

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