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ERIE, Pa – Some say it’s being lazy, others say it’s saving time. Whether you’re a fan, or not, the future of grocery shopping has arrived. 

You can find the exact items you need, fill your grocery cart, and know your total before paying, without ever leaving your couch. 

“We connect the customer with the shopper, who will then get the groceries and deliver it from your local stores,” explains George Shotz, the Instacart Operations Manager. 

Over the last few years, there’s been a rise in popularity for grocery delivery services. 

“It’s becoming incredibly popular throughout the country and we wanted to be a part of that wave,” says Jim Bure, the Store Manager at Wegmans on Peach Street. 

A service called Instacart launches in Erie tomorrow. Users can go online or download the Instacart mobile app. Instacart employees will do the shopping. 

Shotz explains, “You would put it in the app and they would make sure they get exactly what you asked for.”

You can even be so specific as to ask for certain ripeness of the produce you are purchasing, or the exact brand of milk you want.

The goods are then delivered directly to your front door in as little as an hour, or you can place an order up to 7 days in advance. Locally, Petco, CVS, and Wegmans are all utilizing this service. 

Instacart says they have about 90-95% of everything you can get at Wegmans listed here on their site. 

Bure says getting this service in Erie was inevitable, “We have a number of other Wegmans through the company, I think 70 of them already have Instacart in them right now and our customers are really loving it.”

For now, Instacart services the 19 following zip codes in Erie County: 16441, 16565, 16426, 16503, 16417, 16509, 16502, 16504, 16506, 16508, 16501, 16505, 16507, 16510, 16415, 16511, 16423, 16427, 16546

There is a delivery fee of $5.99 for orders that are $35.00 or more. All orders must be a minimum of $10.00. 

For more information, check out the Instacart website:

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