Ground breaks on Hampton Inn & Suites Motel on the Bayfront

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Nick Scott, Sr. calls Erie the shining city on the lakeshore, and he says his biggest project yet will make it even brighter.

The three-generation family business Scott Enterprises is breaking ground on the soon-to-be Harbor Place. 

Scott says, “It’s designed to bring people back downtown. It’s designed to work with the hospitals. It’s designed to be a compliment to the convention center and it’s just going to be somewhere where Erie can put its best foot forward.” 

Phase One of the project includes the building of an eight-story Hampton Inn & Suites Motel.  From there, crews will work on the development of a 90,000 square foot mixed-use office and retail space. 

The project architect, Brian Weber of Weber Murphy Fox, says they’re also recognizing the importance of community spaces. “Public parks, open-space plazas and things like that, which really make this project come alive and really help the community come down and gauge access to the waterfront and enjoy the waterfront.” 

Transforming this vacant land into an asset for the region is happening with the support from both the local community and the state.  County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper says, “What the state has seen is that we really are coming together as a community. We’re speaking with one voice. We’ve gone to the state and said these are our priorities and when you come down with that one voice, which we hadn’t done in the past, the state listens.” 

The Scotts describe Harbor Place as a work in progress, evolving with the times.

Representative Pat Harkins says, “To see what they have laid out and to see their vision is phenomenal and to see where they have things in 20 and 40 years, I hope I live that long to see it.” 

The Scotts say Phase One alone is estimated at around $20 million and should be complete within 16 months, but Harbor Place as a whole is projected to be at least a $160 million project.

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