Group plans to appeal decision to demolish McBride Viaduct

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ERIE, Pa. — Supports of the McBride Viaduct are planning to appeal a decision to tear down the east side bridge.

Members of Erie Connect Plus Restore, or CPR, spoke in front of City Council Wednesday morning declaring the group plans to appeal the approval from the Public Utility Commission to tear down the bridge.

Action News learned in February that city engineers were 40 percent finished with designs to demolish the bridge and repair roadways under and around the viaduct.

Supporters argue that the cost of demolishing the viaduct is far more expensive than a plan CPR presented to restore the bridge. They say tearing down the bridge will isolate residents of the east side.

“It’s like a containment area,” Cynthia Glover Muhammad, publisher of Erie Metro Black Pages Directory, said. “It’s like you are in a colony somewhere and you’ve been in lockdown.”

Erie CPR has until March 17 to make that appeal final. The viaduct is scheduled to be demolished in November.

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