Group works to fight county’s youth homeless numbers

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ERIE, Pa. — A group who helps homeless people in Erie is bringing awareness to the growing problem of homeless children in the county.

Elizabeth McCormick, Erie Home Team’s Children and Youth committee chair, said more than 110 kids in the past three years in Erie County are identified as unaccompanied.

Unaccompanied means the kids under the age of 19 are not in the care of a parent of guardian at all. On Monday, the Home Team presented this statistic to the public at the Blasco Library to bring awareness to the community.

“This population is completely off the radar,” McCormick said. “There’s nothing for them. This time of year what are their resources? Their only resource would be to go to an adult shelter. And I don’t think we want our youth in an adult-shelter setting.”

McCormick said the goal is to create partnerships and practices with organizations to help provide services to that population and eventually open a drop-in center for those kids.

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