Guilty plea in deadly shooting leads to lengthy sentence

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A defendant is charged with murder as a juvenile.  According to the numbers, he’ll be middle-aged before he’s up for parole. 

At just 18-years-old, Isiah Wiley was killed by gunshots and now, the then-teenager who fired the weapon is paying the price. 

Today marks the beginning of a 25 to 50 year sentence for Jay-C McGlumphy, but for the victim’s family, it marks the ending of a tragic chapter. 

Tiffanie Page-Collazo, the victim’s cousin, tells us, “We are a Christian family and we believe in forgiveness so we’re leaving everything here today. We’ve left this whole situation in the hands of our Father and we look forward to starting life again.” 

Investigators say McGlumphy killed 18-year-old Isiah Wiley in a drive-by shooting.  The crime happened at Lincoln Avenue and the Bayfront Parkway in June of 2016. 

The victim’s uncle, Desmond Martin, remembers, “To know Isiah was to love Isiah. Everybody loved Isiah. You know I’m just a little sad he never got to do some of the things that he wanted to do like he had plans on getting himself a yacht. He already had a Cadillac. He was only 17-years old. He was living a good life for a young man his age.” 

At the time of the shooting, McGlumphy was two months away from his 18th birthday.  The defense tried to keep the case in juvenile court, but the judge denied that request. 

In October, McGlumphy pleaded guilty to third-degree murder.  The prosecution says this case was complex, but hopefully, the sentence sends a message about violence in the community. 

Assistant District Attorney Erin Connelly tells us, “It’s not acceptable. You will be held accountable even if takes years. I mean, just because a homicide may have happened years ago and we don’t have a suspect yet, that doesn’t mean we’re not still working on those cases, the various police departments, especially Erie police who have I think the most of them, are working these cold cases everyday.” 

As the case has developed, prosecutors say they learned Isiah wasn’t even the intended target.  The judge saying in court rehabilitation for McGlumphy is highly uncertain.

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