The Hagen History Center has announced a new exhibit that will be opening next week.

The new exhibit is located in the upstairs of the museum and showcases the history of Erie County. The exhibit is called “A Story of Us.”

It is a timeline of our county history from when indigenous people and immigrants lived here.

The exhibit shows pictures, artifacts of clothing, and tools that were used with other pieces of historical information.

The echibit will show pictures with artifacts of clothing, tools, and other pieces of historical information.

“I’m super excited to see all of this. It’s the story of us. It’s really neat to come in here and see yourself in the images and in the pictures. There are a couple of photos in here of a couple of neighborhoods that I grew up in so it’s always fun,” said Sara Little, Operations Leader at Hagen History Center.

The new exhibit will be open to the public on July 14th.