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     “Our whole economic situation in the country has changed with the loss of steel mills, and those businesses are no longer here. However, we do have a great waterfront.  We have a great fishery.  We have a lot of fishing.  And hopefully the new development will encourage the use of it,” says Jerry Skrypzak of the S.O.N.S. Of Lake Erie.  

     But building on the Bayfront isn’t cheap.  Nick Scott, President of Scott Enterprises tells us, “It’s expensive to build on the Bayfront because you have to put caissons down into bedrock, and that adds a significant cost to any project that’s done down there.”  They’ve invested a million dollars in caissons for the hotel building alone.  And this is only phase one of their project.  In the coming years the Scotts plan to build housing, office space and retail spaces.  It’s all in an effort to help residents and visitors make the most of their visit to the Bayfront area.  

     “I think when you have a hometown company like ours with the ability to financially invest in a project like this to make the City of Erie better.  It’s great for the city it’s great for our company,” says Nick Scott Jr,, Vice President of Scott Enterprises.

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