Harborcreek mobile home residents evicted after death of owner

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Imagine learning you needed to be moved out of your house in just 60 days time.  That’s becoming a reality for residents in one Harborcreek mobile home park.  

Shortly after Easter, residents in what’s known as ‘The Bernwood Motel Suites’ received an eviction notice saying they had until June 1st to be out. 

Anna Burrows and her three dogs have called this mobile home park home for the last four years. “We like it here,” Anna tells us. “It’s a peaceful neighborhood. There’s people that live here like 20 to 25, almost close to 30 years. Me, I’m just like a kid in the block still.” 

But, by the first of June, they all have to be out.  

Louise Salhoff says she finally thought she picked a place to stay for the long haul.  “It’s small. It’s quiet. I really like being here, but I’m on the road again.”

Residents say finding other housing options with such a short time frame is a challenge.

Salhoff says, “housing is very scarce. You know, their requirements are really high. It’s hard to find something affordable that is livable.”

JAB Enterprises leases the grounds and runs the mobile home park through an estate.  But, the founder passed away in 2004.  And, an out-of-town owner purchased the land in January. 

The Vice President of JAB Enterprises tells us the residents have known for 14 years that eventually the park would be shut down.  He says they tried everything to find another beneficiary to take over the property, but no one was interested.  

Jerry Hordych, JAB Enterprises VP, says, “I feel for the people that are there, but again, this is an estate and I got word from the executor we gotta close it down.” 

Hordych tells us the rents are so low, they make just enough money off of the apartments to cover the lease.  And, with no new buyers looking to take over the park, residents have just a few weeks left to find a new place to live. 

Hordych says he feels horrible for the people who are forced to leave, but he says the decision was inevitable.  After June 1st, JAB Enterprises has four months to get the property completely cleared for the new owners. 

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