Harborcreek Township hopes to welcome a new distillery that has made its home in Canada since 2016.

The Artist in Residence Distillerie is expanding. It’s a Canadian-based distillery that is hoping to open up a new branch right off Interstate 90.

The Artist in Residence Distillerie, also known as Air Distillery, is looking to open shop in Harborcreek. The international company is known for their high-quality crafted vodkas, gins, liqueurs of all kinds as well as other spirits.

While they have made a name for themselves in Quebec since 2016, they’re looking to break into the U.S. market; and have their sights set on Harborcreek.

“Harborcreek is a great location for an international company. The reason being that we’re right on I-90, close to I-86, close to I-79, and we have our beautiful lake down here. It’s just a perfect place to expand and grow businesses,” said Steve Oler, Harborcreek Township supervisor.

Oler said the plan is to build right off of Interstate 90 off of Exit 32, close to Knowledge Park.

“The building’s going to be absolutely beautiful. There’s going to be two warehouses, two manufacturing buildings, and a restaurant where you can taste test their offerings,” Oler said.

The development could help turn the interchange into a hub for artisan alcohol lovers. With the Erie Brewing Company already making Knowledge Park its home.

We spoke with Erie Brewing Company who shared with us how they feel about having a new next-door neighbor.

“I think it could be a little bit of competition, but I love the whole craft brewing scene and I love all of the people coming together and enjoying the craft brews. So, I think it’ll be a great new scene over there as well,” said Liam Cragg, Erie Brewing Co. Pub manager.

Cragg said Knowledge Park has many people who frequent it and between all of the opportunities, business is sure to be fruitful.

“I think this is a great location for that. You’ve got ’90 right there, you’ve got the college right over the hill here, so I think it’ll be a great scene for this area right here in Knowledge Park,” Cragg went on to say.

The company is so hopeful that they already have a potential address on its website, which is of course entirely in French.