Harmful algae blooms discovered at Presque Isle

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Harmful algae blooms were found this week at Presque Isle State Park, but the Regional Science Consortium says not to worry.

The harmful algae blooms were found at several locations throughout the park, including the gas dock at the Marina.

That’s where the Regional Science Consortium set up a booth as part of Discover Presque Isle to educate people about harmful algae blooms.

Lab Manager Amber Stilwell says harmful algae blooms look like someone spilled paint into the water and produce poisons or toxins that can cause illness or irritation in pets and humans.

But she says algae blooms grow in calm water and sunlight and are natural and are being monitored closely.

Signs are put up where harmful algae blooms are found to warn people.

Stilwell says, “When in doubt, stay out. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your animals. But other than that, this part of Lake Erie is wonderful and they don’t have a lot of issues with harmful algae blooms, especially on the lake side. The bayside is a little more iffy, especially when we get into the warmer weather.”

Stilwell says if you see something suspicious in the water that could be an algae bloom, to report it to the Department of Environmental Protection and they will come out and test it.

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