Harvey update 8/29/17

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Historic flooding has brought southeast Texas to a standstill.  

President Donald Trump and the first lady are on their way to Corpus Christi, where they will see first-hand, the devastation Harvey left behind, saying, “We’ve pledged our full support as Texas and Louisiana battle and recover from this very devastating and historic storm.”  He will be in the city for around two hours, then he will head to Austin to tour more damage.

Just northeast in Houston, rescuers are working around the clock to save residents fighting to stay above water, floating on air mattresses, piling into canoes, and lifted out of harm’s way in rescue baskets.  Life and death moments playing out over hundreds of square miles.

Flood Victim Janiqua Burnett says simply, “it was just a blessing being rescued”.  Workers and volunteers have saved more than 6,000 people so far, but thousands more are still waiting to be rescued and the flooding is only getting worse.  

Local dams are on the cusp of overflowing.  Officials releasing water from twto of them to avoid catastrophic structure damage, but that water threatening homes downstream, all that water, surging into already flood-ravaged towns and cities in south Texas.

Evacuated residents are filling shelters beyond capacity.  An emergency shelter at the convention center in downtown Houston meant to house 5,000 people is now beyond capacity at nearly 9,000 and growing.  They are not turning people away.  

Hospitals across Houston are facing power outages and rapidly dwindling supplies, now racing to evacuate patients.  Dr. McDeavitt, Dean of Clinical at Baylor College of Medicine, tells us, “If you start to run out of supplies and you can’t feed people, it’s a big problem.”

The EPA will begin testing the flood water for contamination, checking to see how much sewage and chemicals are in the water supply.

So far, Harvey has dumped some 15 trillion gallons of rain on the Gulf Coast region.  by late Wednesday, another 5 to 6 trillion gallons expected to fall.  Officials are warning the worst may still be yet to come, as Harvey continues to linger.

32 volunteers and three emergency response vehicles from the American Red Cross of Western Pennsylvania are being deployed to Texas.  That group includes two from Erie County, two from Warren County, and one from Crawford County.  We spoke to an Edinboro man who is working in a ‘mega-shelter’ with more than 3,000 people.  “We’ve had them coming in by the truck loads. A lot of the ones they’re bringing in now have lost their homes. It’s kind of hard to watch. You know, people lose their homes. It’s even hard for us.”

In light of that information, the local Red Cross says they’re in dire need of more volunteers willing to head to Texas.  For an article telling you how to start the process to become a volunteer, please click here.

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