Hawk treated and released on the bayfront

Local News

A once-wounded bird returns to the wild today.  

A call to the Tamarack Wildlife Refuge comes full circle for an Erie man who contacted the organization after finding a weak red-tailed hawk along the bayfront.

Today, the man who made the call is now setting that bird free.  Tamarack crews treated and cared for the bird until it was ready to be back on its own.

Dave Litz, Jr., who released the bird, tells us, “When we found him on the parkway, it was just stunned. It didn’t look physically injured. It was just in a stunned zone. I literally reached down and lifted it without losing my fingers and drove him to the house on my lap. I couldn’t do that today. That bird’s feeling pretty good.” 

The hawk was set free near Erie Sand and Gravel on Port Access Road.

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