A portion of Route 505 was shut down on Saturday for a scheduled demolition.

The tower built by the previous owner had not served a purpose for Haysite Reinforced Plastics for several years. A cloud of dust filled the air after the Haysite Plastics Tower was brought to the ground.

With a daycare next to the tower and a nearby church, cables were used for the demolition rather than explosives.

“You got to be on. You got to be spot on in our business. If you’re not spot on, you’re gonna make national news, and it ain’t good. With daycares, you don’t want to go left to right, you got to know what you’re doing. You got to have experienced torchmen that know what they’re doing to get the torch cuts right,” said Steven Murray, owner, SCM Demolition and Explosives.

Before the tower could be demolished, months of planning went into making sure there were no errors made.

“I was here like I say two months ago. I did a prep walk, did another walk and made sure, with the structure, what kind of steel we were dealing with. Now, when we get here on site, we go through another whole plan, a plan of attack, our cut plan with my torchman and a plan with the machines,” Murray added.

Haysite Reinforced Plastics representatives hope to expand the company where the tower has stood since 1973.

“We want to expand to the north with MGM, who was on site for the demolition of the tower, to allow us to bring in additional equipment and bring more jobs to the Erie area,” said David Janas, director of operations and engineering, Haysite Reinforced Plastics.