A badly decomposing body discovered on August 2 near East 9th and Ash streets has been identified, and a suspect has been arrested in connection to that death.

Erie Police have identified the victim as 21-year-old Jaquan Burrows. Tyjahmon Darion Crosby, 20, was arrested by Erie Police and is being accused of criminal homicide amongst other charges.

Crosby allegedly shot Burrows in the chest. Both Crosby and Burrows are said to have fled the scene.

Burrows climbed over a chain-link fence where he would remain for nearly two weeks undiscovered.

It’s a moment that is enough to break anyone — the loss of a family member. The Burrows family spent over a week searching and holding out hope that they’d find Jaquan.

Jaquan’s aunt, Jessica Burrows, said the moment he went missing, they reached out to the City of Erie Police and filled out a missing persons report.

But frustration with the investigation began shortly following.

She claims they were the only ones searching and that the Erie Police Department was dismissive of their claims.

“My sister was telling the police, gave the police all of the information, but they didn’t bother believing her. They thought he was out lost and none of that. We had to come out here and search for him. My sister did all of that stuff, my sister found her own child, my sister did everything. The police didn’t do anything for my sister,” said Jessica Burrows, Jaquan Burrows’ aunt.

City of Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny wasn’t available to meet Tuesday night, but in response to those claims, he explained that a detective had been assigned and was working on the case from the start.

He added they may not have been out in the streets searching with the Burrows family, but they were investigating the situation.

Burrows said she’ll miss her nephew and can’t wrap her head around why anyone would do him harm, adding people have been slandering Jaquan’s name.

“As a family member, it makes me feel bad because he was an honest person. He was a good child and everything else. People made it seem like he was a bad person and he wasn’t. And we can’t understand why they’d kill my nephew like that for no reason. That’s where I’m lost,” said Jessica Burrows.

Burrows said the family feels slightly more at peace knowing the perpetrator was arrested and will pay for his crimes. However, she feels he may not have acted alone.

Crosby is currently being held at Erie County Prison without bail. For now, the Burrows family grieves the loss of Jaquan.