Head nurse of Erie School District speaks about immunization rules and enforcement

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As the news of a growing measles outbreak spreads across the nation, the Erie School District is encouraging parents to make sure their children are up to date on vaccinations.

In order to enroll your child in Kindergarten, he or she must be up to date on all the immunization shots; including one for measles.

If a child cannot be vaccinated due to medical concerns or religious beliefs then a parent must fill out a Vaccine Exemption Card.

According to the school district’s head nurse, if there was an outbreak of a dangerous disease, then they must follow protocol from the Health Department.

Head Nurse of Erie School District Debbie Feeney tells us, “It’s very important that we have updated shots records and know who is protected against these diseases because they can be very contagious.”

That protocol requiring students who are not vaccinated to stay away from school for the duration of the outbreak.

Just tonight, Pittsburgh officials announcing their first case of measles…

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