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A group of Erie Residents spend the day urging local legislators to co-sponsor a statewide healthcare bill.

The group, Healthcare for all PA supports a single payer healthcare system in which everyone is covered.  They say this statewide healthcare plan is a better option than the current Obamacare and the plan proposed by President Trump.  “We have a better plan, we’ve done the economic impact study, we have the plan, but we need the representatives to sign on as co-sponsors and to start the discussion,” says Rebecca Pruveadenti, VP of Healthcare for all PA.

Representative Bizzarro has met with this organization many times since being elected and says he’s very supportive of the bill.  He has not been a co-sponsor on the bill, he only likes to co-sponsor legislation he has had a hand in drafting.  Just because he’s not a co-sponsor, that doesn’t mean he’s not supportive.

Bizzarro tells us, “single payer is probably, ultimately, going to be the way to go in the future. Right now, with a Republican led legislature in both the House and the Senate, the likelihood of this bill running is probably slim to none, but there’s no doubt about it that people deserve affordable access to healthcare.” 
‘Healthare for All PA’ is preparing for the likelihood that many Pennsylvanian’s will be left uninsured under the proposed American Health Care Act.  So there is “another option besides this very complicated, messy, and expensive healthcare process that everybody is forced to go through.”
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