After complaints earlier this year, a local pet cemetery is now for sale.

The community is committed to maintaining the cemetery, and several have expressed interest in purchasing the property. Hearthside Rest Pet Cemetery in McKean Township is now for sale.

Several months ago, tall grass covered the pets’ grave markers. Numerous former pet owners spoke out over the condition of the cemetery.

One visitor said she was glad she and others voiced their concerns.

“It created a conversation, and I think maybe that started something, so I am happy. You know, if he didn’t want the responsibility, which it is a big responsibility, I understand that. I’m glad he decided to put it up for sale,” said Aimee Neubauer, pet owner.

Neubauer said a group of volunteers came together to pull weeds and cut grass for several hours, and she’s hopeful about the new owner.

“It was just kinda overwhelming, but people really care. They have pets here…and this is kinda like our own little treasure here for our pets and I’d hate for something to happen to it, so hopefully, it turns around,” Neubauer added.

The realtors we spoke with said the property can only sell as a pet cemetery, as it is a special place for the hundreds of residents who visit.