Heavy snow to hit the area overnight

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Get your winter coats out and shovels ready because the Erie region is expected to get some heavy snow again and strong winds late tonight.

It is expected that there will be two-four inches of snow by tomorrow morning along the I-90 ridge.  

Some of the snow belt areas like Albion and Edinboro could get up to 2.5 feet of snow by tomorrow.

According to Meteorologist Tom Divecchio, this is considered ‘warm season snow,’ which tends to be harder to drive through.  He added that if it’s treated, it melts right away because temperatures are warm.  So, as long as the roads are treated, you may just face wet road surfaces. 

Tom says, “Secondary band, Meadville will get a foot of snow out of the whole thing. Titusville about 10 inches, Warren could get about six to 10. Here in Erie, best guess about five to nine. “

And, you can get safety tips from AAA by clicking here.

Meanwhile, at the Erie International Airport, the weather has only affected flights out of Chicago.  A flight scheduled to land at 6am this morning was canceled and United Airlines Flight 3794 that was scheduled to arrive at shortly after 5pm was also canceled. 

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