Heavy winds could leave more storm damage

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As a tornado ripped through the Erie area, Gabby Simmons had a front row seat.

“All of the sudden, within like seconds it sounded like a fright train and we looked out the window and stuff started flying in the air,” said Simmons.

The storm leaving hundreds of trees damaged, cracked and even ripped from the ground.

With 50 mile per hour winds expected again this weekend, that mess might get even bigger. 

“They just keep coming and coming and coming and we’ve been going and going and going and we’ve been trying to keep up the best we can but with this storm coming in, we could get behind,” said Ray Litz, from Star Tree Service. 

Winds strong enough can leave even the healthiest trees completely uprooted.

“The biggest risk is the trees that’s already been damaged and weakened. What’s gonna cause is further damage to the tree and it could cause the tree to come over and hit the house or property,” said Litz. 

Litz told us people should check their yards for red flags. 

“Splits in the trees, cracks in the trees, movement of the ground around the tree,” said Litz.

While some trees might not look like hazards, experts said it’s always better to plan ahead, leading some people to think twice about their landscaping in case the next big storm leaves a path. 

“It’s just scary because it can happen anywhere, but you don’t think that it’s gonna happen in your hometown or right outside of where you’re at,” said Simmons. 

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