Helpful AC tips for this scorcher of a week!

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If you love the hot weather, then this weekend will be perfect for you with temperatures in the 90’s.  But, if you’d rather stay inside with the air on, Tiarra Braddock has tips on how to beat the heat, but also how to make sure your air conditioner is in top shape. 

We did a Facebook poll asking people what they like to do in this heat and a majority of them say they want to stay indoors with their AC on.  

The time is here to crank up your air conditioner and turn on your fans; a heatwave is coming this weekend.  

Adam Nowosielski is the manager at Kraus Department Store.  He says their fans and air conditioners have been selling fast.  “Fans…  ever since, like, two weeks when it got real warm on Father’s Day, they’ve been flying off the shelves…  Most of the kind of window fans, people will try to get some air moving throughout their house.  There’s box fans, but I mean, once it’s warm, you’re just moving the warm air around. “

As people crank up their air conditioners this weekend, professionals recommend to clean out your filters and don’t turn on your AC too late. 

Jeff Guthrie with Keep Heating and Cooling says you can hose your AC units down to keep them clean and working properly.  “Well, when it gets really hot outside, even a dirty filter can cause your air conditioning to heat up. Also the outside units, all those fuzzy things that fly over town can get into the units and that can cause them not maintain on the hottest of days.”

He also has a trick to help cool down your house even more.  “…A lot of the air conditioning is not sized for this area like it is in Florida, so if it’s 95 degrees outside, putting a sprinkler even on to the outdoor condenser to cool it down can give you another couple of degrees in the house.”

Guthrie also recommends checking for leaks on your AC unit before cranking it up. 

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